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  1.   Flavor of Love | Episode 110 | Bonus Clips

    Check out extra footage from "Flavor of Decision" and see if New York sinks or swims.

    Air Date: 3/12/06

  2.   Flavor of Love | Episode 110 | Highlights

    Check out this '"Wicked Short" version of episode 10 and see who Flav favors in this sizzlin' season finale!

    Air Date: 3/12/06

Full Episode Summary

The final two girls remain. To celebrate having made it this far, Flav takes the two girls to Puerto Vallarta for an exotic three day Mexican getaway. During their stay, Flav will spend twenty four hours alone with each girl (which is a good thing because these girls hate each other and the gloves are coming off). From a canopy tour of the rainforest to a private island getaway, Flav rolls in pimped out style no matter what country he's in. We know both the girls will be impressed, but which of them will get to live this kind of lifestyle AFTER the final elimination?