1. HoodHood

    28 years old
    From Compton, CA
    This girl's been known to hook up with some girls. Doesn't mind going both ways.
    She loves to get inside a girl's head and mess with her.
    Says she loves to fight.
    Very religious, speaks in tongues.

  2. TigerTiger

    24 years old
    From West Hills, CA
    Animal Trainer
    Has a tendency to say or do what's on her mind.
    One time she peed in a dressing room by accident.
    Trains tigers for a living.

  3. BuckeeyBuckeey

    22 years old
    From Atlanta, GA
    Promotions Business owner
    Dad was in the army so she moved around a lot as a kid.
    Major attitude...girls won't step to her!!!
    Her favorite feature is her butt.

  4. SpunkeeySpunkeey

    23 years old
    From Atlanta, GA
    Puerto Rican who speaks French.
    Extremely confident and a bit more polished than most of the other girls.
    She's allergic to bee stings.

  5. Like DatLike Dat

    35 years old
    From Jersey City, New Jersey
    Ad Executive (Pharmaceutical)
    Attention always needs to be on her.
    Loud and won't shut up.
    She's a Jersey landlord.
    Speaks in rapid fire slang.

  6. NibblzNibblz

    24 years old
    From New York, New York
    Talks like Mike Tyson.
    She wants to hook up with Flav and at least one girl at the same time.
    Loves to wear corsets.
    Has an internet site where she pole dances in her living room.

  7. BeautufulBeautuful

    27 years old
    From Chicago, IL
    Hair Stylist
    She likes Flav's "Tell it like it is attitude".
    She's similar to a chameleon when she's dealing with people.
    Does impressions of Flav.

  8. PayshyntzPayshyntz

    26 years old
    From San Diego, CA
    Software Representative
    Speaks Chinese. She's half black, half Chinese.
    Likes to Brazilian dance.
    Practices Judo.
    Hates drama.

  9. SaaphyriSaaphyri

    26 years old
    From Los Angeles, CA
    From "54 and Crenshaw".
    Met Flav when she was twelve and ran away from home to go to PE concert.
    Has loved Flav since she was little.
    Has Eight hundred dollar hair.

  10. H-TownH-Town

    27 years old
    From Houston, TX
    Mental Health Therapist
    Loves Public Enemy.
    Professional Hip Hop Dancer.
    MBA in Education.

  11. KrazyKrazy

    23 years old
    From West Virginia
    Has been in a few "CATFIGHTS" because women always think she's flirting with their man.
    Say's girls are jealous of her because she is so beautiful.
    Wants to be a professional singer, and has cut demo.
    Don't know her father until she was eighteen.

  12. WireWire

    27 years old
    From Lake Tahoe, Nevada
    She is super high energy.
    Did the "worm" during her interview.
    Loves to jump rope and hula hoop.
    Is into astrology.
    Is a dance choreographer.

  13. BootzBootz

    23 years old
    From Los Angeles, CA
    Once pooped in her pants at a party when she had food poisoning.
    Was fired from 3 hair salons because everyone hated her.
    Has committed to celibacy until marriage.

  14. BammaBamma

    27 years old
    From Alabama
    Very dramatic.
    Curses like a sailor.
    Huge southern accent.
    Hates cheap men.

  15. BuckwildBuckwild

    25 years old
    From Camarillo, CA
    Cheated on her boyfriend with a girl.
    Is currently on probation for fighting.
    Last serious boyfriend was 70 years old.
    Got the name Buckwild because everyone says she's crazy.

  16. Somethin'Somethin'

    23 years old
    From Long Beach, CA
    Slutty women intimidate her and she feels if you "give" more you get the guy.
    A big talker who has peed on herself in public before.