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  1.   Episode 4 Bonus Clips

    See more crazy moments, unfit for TV, and hear why Toastee's definition of porn differs from everyone else's.

    Air Date: 8/27/06

  2.   Jelly on the Telly Show Clips

    The ladies shake their stuff for Flav but someone's showing more than they oughta. Peep the "Wicked Short"!

    Air Date: 8/27/06

Full Episode Summary

Flavor Flav wants a girl who knows how to move. So today he's arranged for three famous choreographers to come to the house and teach his girls how to break it down. It's a krumpin' good time as the girls divide into three teams for this hip hop challenge. Flav works as sole judge and commentator. The team of three that pulls off the competition each gets a solo date with the judge. By now these girls are so desperate for time with their man, they may just shake it till they break it.