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  1.   Episode 8 Bonus Clips

    Check out the girl's steamy one on ones with Flav, finery at the winery and Goldie's hilarious commentary.l

    Air Date: 9/24/06

  2.   Steppin' Out Flav Style Show Clips

    Flav goes double dating with the remaining girls but some have trouble sharing. Watch the "Wicked Short."

    Air Date: 9/24/06

Full Episode Summary

Four girls are left and it's time to go on a little trip. Flav takes two girls down to the shore for a day of sailing with his ladies as crew. Then to the luxurious Queen Mary for an overnight.

Flav takes the other two ladies to wine country for a little grape stomping then to the world Famous Pechanga Resort and Casino where's he's booked the entire Silk Nightlcub for dinner.

But only one girl from each duo can come to Flav' suite for a nightcap. The others are left in tears.