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  1.   Episode 9 Bonus Clips

    Can't get enough of New York's crazy Mama? Watch uncut freak outs, cat-fights and other extras from the show.

    Air Date: 10/01/06

  2.   Family Flavors Show Clips

    Flav keeps it all in the family when the girl's Mamas arrive and meet his kids. Watch the "Wicked Short."

    Air Date: 10/01/06

Full Episode Summary

Three girls are left! Things are getting serious so Flav decides it's time to meet the ladies' parents. He flies all the parents into town and puts them up with their respective daughters in his house. He then throws a party for all and surprises them with an appearance by his six kids and two grandkids.

Will the girls be able to hang with his children, and most of all, will Flav get the approval of all the parents?