1. Date: 10/29/06

    Flavor Flav and all 20 of the Flavorettes from season 2 are back! Flav and the girls will update us on their lives, give their two cents on the show, and air their dirty laundry. Plus tune in for a...Read Full Summary

  2. Date: 10/15/06

    Two girls remain. To celebrate having made it this far, Flav takes the two girls to Placencia Belize for an exotic three day getaway. Which of them will get to live this kind of lifestyle AFTER the...Read Full Summary

  3. Date: 10/8/06

    A lot of incredible stuff has happened in Flav's house since the girls' arrived. And now, in this never before seen hour we'll explain it all; What was up with the poop? Why were...Read Full Summary

  4. Date: 10/1/06

    Three girls are left! Things are getting serious so Flav decides it's time to meet the ladies' parents. He flies all the parents into town and puts them up with their respective...Read Full Summary

  5. Date: 9/24/06

    Four girls are left and it's time to go on a little trip. Flav takes two girls down to the shore for a day of sailing with his ladies as crew. Then to the luxurious Queen Mary for an overnight.

  6. Date: 9/17/06

    The five girls left want the inside scoop, so he puts all five of the girls in the parlor with a ballot box and pictures of themselves. They have one hour to agree on which two girls most deserve...Read Full Summary

  7. Date: 9/10/06

    Just like last season, Flav has invited a special guest from his past to help give him input on his selection of ladies. The six remaining girls are going to join Flav for a photo shoot for Urb...Read Full Summary

  8. Date: 9/3/06

    Flavor Flav knows everyone who's anyone in the hip hop industry and today he wants to have them all over to his house. So he entrusts the girls to put together a bash for some of the most...Read Full Summary

  9. Date: 8/27/06

    Flavor Flav wants a girl who knows how to move. So today he's arranged for three famous choreographers to come to the house and teach his girls how to break it down.

  10. Date: 8/20/06

    Twelve girls are left and jealousy is running rampant. Flav divides the girls into groups of six and presents them with two challenges. In the first challenge, he wants six of the girls to go to his...Read Full Summary

  11. Date: 8/13/06

    Flavor Flav challenges his remaining fourteen Flavorettes to a blind speed dating competition (to get to know them without the influence of "physicality-ness"). But things fall apart when...Read Full Summary

  12. Date: 8/6/06

    Flavor Flav welcomes 20 new women to his mansion with the hope of finding someone "real" this time around. But all hell breaks loose when two of the young contestants get in a fist fight...Read Full Summary