Ep Type Title Date
  212  Show Clips  Flavor of Love 2: Girls! Girls! Girls! 11/10/06 
  212  Show Clips  New York's Finest 11/02/06 
  212  Show Clips  After the Lovin' Show Clips 10/29/06 
  212  Bonus Clips  Reunion Bonus Clips 10/29/06 
  211  Bonus Clips  Finale Bonus Clips 10/15/06 


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About Flavor Of Love | Season 2

The fact of the matter is, Flavor Flav's "romantical" experiment, "The Flavor of Love", didn't quite work. It seems once the show ended, Hoopz (the finalist) started getting a lot of attention, from magazines and men. And now she doesn't have time for her man Flavor Flav.

After the taping of The Flavor of Love wrapped, Flavor took Hoopz to London to spend some time with him while he completed a small tour with Public Enemy. While there, Flavor asked her to accompany him on a trip to Hawaii. Hoopz informed him that she wouldn't be going. It seems her newfound career was more important than Flavor. You see, Hoopz was an aspiring model/actress just like all the rest. She only went on the show for fame.

Flavor then called his producers, furious that he had been duped. "Get me 20 more!" He screamed into the phone. "I went through all that and I ended up with nothin'! Get me 20 more!"

Now Flavor, undaunted by this failure, is going to try again, but this time he's doing it right.

This season Flavor has chosen 20 new unique girls of all different races, ages and body types and brought them to his mansion. This time the entire show will be focused on truth; No lies, no fakery. This time Flavor is hoping to find real girls who really want to love Flavor Flav. Every challenge Flavor poses, from running a soul food restaurant to competing in a hip hop dance off, will be engineered to weed out the gold diggers, fame chasers, fakes and chicken heads. Whether it's meeting Flavor's celebrity friends from the world of hip hop or accompanying him on a trip to some exotic local, these girls will constantly be put to the test.

In the end, Flavor will pick his favorite girl and present her with a shiny new gold grill. And this time, hopefully, she won't be a lying gold digger.