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  1.   Episode 3 Bonus Clips

    Flav asks important questions, he ice skates with his girls and more in these hilarious bonus scenes!

    Air Date: 2/25/08

  2.   Reindeer Games Show Clips

    Check out the highlights to see if Flav is being played by one of the girls in the house!

    Air Date: 2/25/08

Full Episode Summary

Flav asks the remaining 13 girls to create a theme restaurant for him. The girls are broken up into two teams and set out to plan a menu, shop for decorations, paint blank walls, and cook a 5-course meal all within the span of three hours. Part of the team is sent to a prop house where the big debate ensues: to purchase or not to purchase a reindeer statue that will prove most valuable in determining the winning team. After a delectable dinner with the lucky winning manager, the next day Flav takes the rest of the team out for a group date where some bombshells are dropped on Flav. Will this new information be enough to get two girls sent home?