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  1.   Episode 6 Bonus Clips

    From screaming matches to vomiting fits, this week was out of control. Take a look at these extras!

    Air Date: 3/17/08

  2.   Dial "M" for Mystery Pimp Caller Show Clips

    A threatening mystery caller shakes up drama in the house. Check out the highlights to see what's going on!

    Air Date: 3/17/08

Full Episode Summary

Flavor Flav is looking for a woman with the "Total Package." And now, with only eight women left in his house, he has devised the "Total Package Challenge" to judge who offers the most. The ladies will compete to prove who's Classiest, Hottest, Luckiest, Most Spiritual, Smartest, has the Best Mothering Skills and is most Brave. But the big drama surrounds a series of mysterious calls coming in for one of Flav's ladies. Is it her fiancée angry about her lies and the money she took from him? Her pimp? A prank? When the caller threatens another girl in the house, it blows up into a full-blown detective story. No one gets killed, but a couple girls get sent home.