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  1.   Episode 8 Bonus Clips

    Check out bonus scenes and outtakes from Flav's hip-hopera!

    Air Date: 3/31/08

  2.   A Night at the Hip-Hopera Show Clips

    Flav holds a hip-hopera to see if these girls can rap! Check out who's real and who's full of crap!

    Air Date: 3/31/08

Full Episode Summary

With the latest twist still fresh and furious on the Flavorettes' minds, two new alliances quickly form in the house. In order to unite his girls, Flav asks them to work together to put on a "Hip-Hopera", a hip-hop opera detailing the crucial love affairs in Flav's life. Can they get along long enough to even put on a performance? Later, Flav puts half the girls in charge of handing out an immunity clock. Those girls take a power trip while the ones up for review sit and stew. After a round of hard-hitting interviews, a decision is made that will shock the rest of the house and create a permanent divide.