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  1.   Episode 10 Bonus Clips

    Take a look at these bonus scenes from the ex-boyfriends' invasion!

    Air Date: 4/14/08

  2.   The Neverwed Game Show Clips

    Flav brings the exes back to dig up some dirt on the final 7 girls. Watch the highlights to see all the drama!

    Air Date: 4/14/08

Full Episode Summary

The remaining seven girls are in for a big surprise when they find themselves on the set of the first ever "Neverwed Game" starring Arsenio Hall as the host and... their own ex-boyfriends! Truths and lies shock Flavor Flav and after a revealing dinner date with the winner, Flav mixes it up with the exes at a cocktail mixer back at the mansion. An ugly accusation starts a nasty fight and one girl fears for her safety. Eliminations take someone by surprise, and two girls go home.