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  1.   Episode 12 Bonus Clips

    Watch these insane outtakes from the parents' visit to the Flavor of Love house!

    Air Date: 4/28/08

  2.   It's a Family Flav-Fair Show Clips

    Flav meets the parents of the final four ladies before three of them join him in Paris!

    Air Date: 4/28/08

Full Episode Summary

With only four women left vying for Flav's affection the moment of truth has arrived: meeting the parents. Some of the girl's families enter Flav's house with open minds and hearts while others find it more difficult to let go of their skepticism. Flav turns the tables and asks all the parents to decide which girl will receive the immunity clock. Both of Flav's dates with the parents go well, but later all bets are off, as two former allies become bitter enemies in the competition for Flav's heart. Finally, facing one of his toughest decisions to date, Flav enlists the help of his mother to determine who will accompany him to Paris as part of the top three, and who will go home with their family, brokenhearted.