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  1.   Episode 13 Bonus Clips

    From dirty laundry to Flav's "filosophies", there's a lot you didn't see on TV. Check out these extras!

    Air Date: 5/05/08

  2.   Von Boyage Show Clips

    Flav and his final three ladies are going on a romantical journey to France!

    Air Date: 5/05/08

Full Episode Summary

After the last elimination, Flav tells his final three girls to pack their bags because they are heading to Cannes, France! The group arrives to find the ritzy French Riviera filled with yachts, fine wines, topless beauties and. backstabbing. From dishing dirt to stealing dates the girls go at it fighting for Flav from the minute they land abroad. Hearts are invested and stakes are high. But it turns out none of their conniving could prepare them for the curveball Flav throws their way. Someone's going home, but they're not the only one furious at the end of this episode.