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    Air Date: 5/12/08

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    Air Date: 5/12/08

Full Episode Summary

After a season of ups and downs and a dramatic twist of plans in Cannes, it's down to Flav's final girls. Right off the bat, Flav must make a crucial decision that will determine one girl's fate. With the dust far from settled, Flav whisks his final two ladies away on a VIP tour du France to Monte Carlo and Paris complete with Helicopters and Private Jets. Along the way Flav finds himself caught between a chemical romance and an undeniable connection. Who will Flav choose to be his girl? With the promise that he'll "find love or die trying" this time, Flav is feeling the pressure. In the most dramatical elimination in Flavor of Love history, King Flav must pick his final Queen. And this time it's for keeps.