Ep Type Title Date
  316  Show Clips  Best Of Season 3! 5/29/08 
  316  Show Clips  Reunion Show Clips 5/27/08 
  316  Bonus Clips  Reunion Bonus Clips 5/26/08 
  315  Show Clips  Parlez-Vous Flavor Show Clips 5/19/08 
  315  Bonus Clips  Season Finale Bonus Clips 5/19/08 



About Flavor Of Love | Season 3

That's right...there's a new season of Flavor of Love on the way, and this time there's a twist. In the time since Flavor of Love debuted, Flav has seen his public profile skyrocket. The woman he's looking for this time around will be a woman of sophistication who can keep up with his high-profile lifestyle. It seems that Flav paid attention to Charm School (after all, he did attend the reunion taping) and saw that his new show could benefit from a new, positive perspective.