1. Ray JRay J

    Singer, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur are just a few words to describe R&B sensation Ray J. With over a million albums sold, coveted roles on hit sitcoms, his own entertainment company and record label, Ray J has positioned himself as a contemporary renaissance man, one of today's hottest entertainers, and a Hollywood ladies' man.

    Born Willie Ray Norwood, Jr. on January 17, 1981, in McComb, Mississippi, Ray J has matured right before our eyes as an actor and singer. In 1993, while older sister Brandy was making her mark in the music arena, at age 12, Ray J nabbed the role of LJ on comedian Sinbad's hit sitcom Sinbad. A few years later, Ray J continued to build his acting chops, making appearances on various television sitcoms, including Moesha and One on One with Kyla Pratt. Independent film roles followed, but it was not too long before Ray J would turn to his first true love -- music -- and offer the world a string of soul-stirring chart-topping hits.

    In 1997, Ray J released his first album, Ev'rything You Want (Elektra) and followed up with 2002's This Ain't a Game (Atlantic), which showcased Ray J's trendsetting instincts, considering he was among the first to collaborate with legendary production duo The Neptunes. Ray J's second album also featured the catchy and dynamic single "Wait A Minute," an international club favorite and collaboration with superstar rapper Lil' Kim.

    But it wasn't until 2005 when Ray J founded and developed Knockout Entertainment, independently released his third album entitled Raydiation, and his career began to take off. Reemerging as an independent artist helped Ray J score his biggest hit single, "One Wish." The galvanizing ballad, produced by mega-producer Rodney Jerkins, earned Ray J a BMI award and his first #1 single on the Billboard R&B charts, pushing Raydiation over the 400,000 sales mark -- a phenomenal achievement for an independent release.

    In the spring of 2008, Ray J released his most successful album to date, All I Feel, a collection of ballads and up-tempo songs that showcase Ray J's versatility, including the chart-topping "Sexy Can I" with newcomer Yung Berg. The single went double platinum, reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 list, and became the fastest growing record in Koch Entertainment's distribution history.

    With a solid music career under his belt, Ray J continues to dabble in television. After a string of successful hosting gigs on BET, in 2009, Ray J will make a splash in the reality realm, with his own dating series on VH1 called For the Love of Ray J. The reality show will showcase Ray J's affinity for luxury and his lavish lifestyle as he searches for his ideal woman.

    Ray J's highly anticipated fifth album, tentatively called Raydiation 2, will be released in the summer of 2009.

  2. Chelsey (Lil' Hood)Chelsey (Lil' Hood)

    Twenty-one year-old Chelsey works as an esthetician and model, and lives in Orlando, FL. She claims she has yet to meet a female that intimidates her. Chelsey says that paparazzi and media are nothing new her, and she is the type of woman Ray needs. Her friends call her the "ghetto cheerleader."

  3. Christa (Chardonnay)Christa (Chardonnay)

    Christa is twenty-two and her hometown is Atlanta, GA. She says she is the type that gives more than she receives. She works as a dancer and a personal assistant, and would much rather "get even" than get into a fight.

  4. Danielle (Unique)Danielle (Unique)

    Danielle is a 23 year-old medical secretary and freelance correspondent. She claims she has never been in a catfight and believes "real women don't need to fight." Danielle has dated a professional baseball player, and knows what it takes to date a celebrity. She is a hopeless romantic and is simply looking for true love.

  5. Elizabeth A. (Caviar)Elizabeth A. (Caviar)

    Elizabeth A. is twenty-one and hails from the Ukraine. She has appeared as a model in Snoop Dogg and R. Kelly music videos. She has a huge interest in dramatic novels, and has only been in America since the age of 12.

  6. Elizabeth M. (Feisty)Elizabeth M. (Feisty)

    Elizabeth M. is twenty-two and is a student and server. She claims she gives "110%" in relationships, and kick boxes 4 to 5 times a week. Elizabeth is looking for love and will only marry the right man, and says she never settles.

  7. Ja'Wanna (Hot Cocoa)Ja'Wanna (Hot Cocoa)

    Ja'Wanna is 30 years old and is an insurance underwriter by profession. She claims there is nothing she can't do and no challenge she can't handle. Ja'Wanna thinks that she can make Ray a one-woman man, and drove 5 hours to her audition for the show.

  8. Jerri (Atomic Bomb)Jerri (Atomic Bomb)

    Jerri is twenty-one and comes from Brooklyn, New York. She says that when it comes to guys she's extremely picky and has high standards. Jerri broke up with her last boyfriend because she noticed he and his friends like to date the same girls.

  9. Jillian (Genuine)Jillian (Genuine)

    Jillian is from Chicago and works as a museum facility, and says she's never had a significant relationship. Says she loves to sing Tina Turner songs at Karaoke, and moved from Indiana to Chicago to pursue acting.

  10. Joanna (Cocktail)Joanna (Cocktail)

    Says she can be very vengeful and should never be crossed. Claims that men tend to tell her they love her within a week of dating, but that she's been single for the past 3 years. Joanna is twenty-six and works as a cocktail waitress in Sacramento, CA.

  11. Keyonna (Naturalle)Keyonna (Naturalle)

    Keyonna is a twenty-four year old student and quality assurance coordinator from Indiana. She says she taught herself how to belly dance. She believes she is the entire package and is "ready to be delivered to Ray." Claims she's strong enough to pick up a 230 pound man.

  12. Leah (Cashmere)Leah (Cashmere)

    Leah is twenty-three and lives in Valencia, CA. She works as a model, and says that she has sex appeal, confidence, and looks that can be deceiving. If she likes you, she'll punch, kick, and trip you.

  13. Monica (Danger)Monica (Danger)

    Monica is a twenty-one year old dog groomer from San Francisco. She says she "disappears" after a break up, changing everything from her phone number to her MySpace page. She has a fear about dating celebrities because they travel a lot and meet tons of women. Considers herself to be artistic because she loves to paint murals and read.

  14. Sharee (Stilts)Sharee (Stilts)

    Sharee is twenty-six and admits to being a huge fan of EVERY fast food restaurant. She says she used to be teased by other girls for playing football and being a tomboy. Her father is her best friend.

  15. Summer (Stacks)Summer (Stacks)

    Claims that she gets what she wants 10 times out of 10. A dancer and student, she says she doesn't mind using her ballet skills in the bedroom. It's her opinion that being a liar "is the worst thing in the world."