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  1.   Episode 3 Bonus Clips

    Check out these crazy extras from For the Love of Ray J!

    Air Date: 2/16/09

  2.   The Foxes are Feuding Show Clips

    Check out these wild and crazy clips from For the Love of Ray J!

    Air Date: 2/16/09

Full Episode Summary

Ray J's house has quickly become divided between the diva/party girls and the darling/conservative girls. In search of a girl who really knows him, Ray creates a challenge to test the girls - The Foxy Feud Challenge.

Ray splits the girls into the two cliques in the house - the Divas and the Darlings - to see who's been paying attention. Pushed to know the most about Ray, one team easily wins the challenge. The captain of the winning team and Ray go out for a personal and romantic evening that goes perfectly until she reveals information that shocks Ray and makes

him think about what he is really looking for. At eliminations, the situation becomes tense when some girls are called out and another girl is sent home.