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  1.   Episode 6 Bonus Clips

    Check out these clips from For The Love of Ray J that you didn't see on TV!

    Air Date: 3/16/09

  2.   Bad Girls, Bad Girls Watcha Gonna Do Show Clips

    Check out these crazy clips from For the Love of Ray J, and find out which girl quits!

    Air Date: 3/16/09

Full Episode Summary

Tensions continue to rise as the cliques in the house clash even further. Ray asks to find out about the girls' passions and it turns out that four of them love to be scantily clad, no matter what they're doing. Later Ray takes all the girls out on a date and finds out a shocking secret about one girl's past. The next day, Ray takes two girls on a steamy pool date, and one girl is pushed to her emotional limit, leading to a stunning tear-filled ending.