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  1.   Episode 6 Bonus Clips

    Watch clips of Ray's 70s challenge and Brandy's visit to the show!

    Air Date: 12/07/09

  2.   Ray J Fever Show Clips

    Ray and the ladies step back in time for a 70s inspired challenge. Can you dig it?!

    Air Date: 12/07/09

Full Episode Summary

With nine ladies in the house Ray wants to find out who has what it takes to be

part of his greatest passion: music. In front of a live audience, the girls must

channel their inner disco diva and perform a 70's-style song. Ray's sister Brandy lends a helping hand as the girls pull out all the stops to write, sing, and dance their way into Ray's heart. One talented diva wins the most romantic date yet and the pressure is on to see if sparks will fly.