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  1.   Episode 7 Bonus Clips

    Check out Extra's extended elimination interview and more bonus scenes from this week's episode!

    Air Date: 12/14/09

  2.   The Amazing Rays Show Clips

    Check out this week's episode where Ray sends his ladies on a wild scavenger hunt through LA!

    Air Date: 12/14/09

Full Episode Summary

The ladies are in for a wild ride when Ray sends them on a race through Los

Angeles. In teams of two the girls must follow clues to get them across the city

and try to be the first to find Ray. The girls discover it's not easy trying to keep

down a belly full of chili dogs while climbing endless flights of stairs and chasing down taxi cabs, but ultimately two strong-willed ladies persevere, winning prized solo dates with their man. Drama soon breaks out when one girl finds herself hated by every other girl in the house. As she begins to break down from the stress, Ray wonders whether she is strong enough to handle not only this competition, but his life in general.