1. Date: 3/28/08

    Lance comes up with a plan when he discovers that KBOM's 30th anniversary party threatens to obscure his own birthday.

  2. Date: 3/21/08

    When Sarah gets Jury Duty, her hot temporary replacement takes a shine to Lance. But will new intern Kalen get in his way?

  3. Date: 3/14/08

    After ticking off the wrong listener, Lance is forced to get a bodyguard to protect him. But can he be trusted?

  4. Date: 3/7/08

    A bungled "Sidekick for a Day" contest puts the station in turmoil, sending Anna out the door. Zachary Quinto gets some unsolicited career advice from Lance.

  5. Date: 2/29/08

    Lance tries to increase his "fame meter" by starting a new catch phrase. Also featured is gossip queen, Perez Hilton.

  6. Date: 2/22/08

    Lance meets a new manager and tries to muscle James for perks befitting his new star status. Emily Deschanel and voice legend Don Lafontaine are drafted into a shady endorsement scheme.

  7. Date: 2/15/08

    After giving "Ugly Betty's" Ashley Jensen an identity crisis, Lance attempts to cure Howie Mandel (Deal or No Deal) of his OCD.

  8. Date: 2/8/08

    Lance gets his first taste of real fame, a bus stop billboard advertising his new morning show.

  9. Date: 2/8/08

    A dimwitted intern gets the chance to host a morning radio show when the regular DJ quits suddenly. The result is a spectacular train wreck.