Ep Type Title Date


  1. Date: 5/21/09

    KBOM is hosting a charity boxing event where Lance and Anna will duke it out for a charity of their choice. Lance, believing that the event is all for entertainment, spends the day taunting Anna on...Read Full Summary

  2. Date: 5/14/09

    Lance manages to turn a sponsor's car "give-away" into a disaster at the big KBOM picnic. James tries to win Anna's affection by performing with his band.

  3. Date: 5/7/09

    After screaming in terror during an on-air earthquake, Lance becomes the butt of industry jokes and a "viral" superstar. Lance reflects on his perceived "near death experience"...Read Full Summary

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About Free Radio | Season 2

What happens when a legendary morning shock-jock abandons his post, leaving the feeble-minded intern in charge? Carnage and mayhem...but funny carnage and mayhem.

Free Radio is improvised comedy that chronicles the Cinderella story of one dim-witted intern, Lance (played by Lance Krall) who answers his call to greatness by jumping in to host a popular radio show when the real host defects to satellite radio. What follows is a glorious train wreck of botched celebrity interviews, on-air tantrums and generally lovable buffoonery.

The twist? Lance's hosting effort is so spectacularly awful, that ratings actually go up. This, of course, forces his frustrated manager, James (played by Brian Huskey) and co-host, Anna, (played by Anna Vocino) to put up with him for the sake of the ratings. The new show, "Moron in the Morning" continues to be a fan favorite.

Completely improvised, Free Radio offers a fresh alternative to the typical sitcom, showing just how far real A-List celebrities will go to tolerate a complete moron. In season two, luminaries from "Lost's" Dominic Monaghan to actor Hank Azaria and musical artist Akon are subjected to the idiot storm that is Lance and "Moron in the Morning."

While runaway celebrity interviews make up the bulk of the show, Free Radio also goes behind the scenes to depict our loveably dim hero's struggle to deal with his newfound fame and earn the respect of his co-workers.