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  Special  Show Clips  President Obama's Race to the Top: Commencement Challenge 6/11/10 
  Special  Bonus Clips  Get Schooled Promo 8/31/09 


  1. "Get Schooled: You Have the Right," a 30-minute special that highlights education challenges and breakthroughs experienced by three leading figures from the world of entertainment, sports...Read Full Summary


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About Get Schooled

Want to know what it's like to work with Kelly Clarkson, LeBron James and President Obama --- and what it takes to get there? "Get Schooled: You Have The Right," a 30-minute special shows how applying oneself during school will greatly affect the remaining 80% of your life.

"Get Schooled" profiles three real-life people with different social, economic and racial backgrounds, including Kelly Clarkson's Music Director, LeBron James' Marketing Manager and a speechwriter for President Barack Obama. All three of their bosses will introduce the viewer to the story, but each person profiled explains how education has made them the successful people they are today. In addition, flashbacks depict key educational moments that prepared the "Schooled Ones" for their careers and greatly influenced their lives. Get ready to learn about what it's like to work side by side with three of the most talented people in the world, including:

Kelly Clarkson -- Viewers find out who Kelly's Music Director is and how his education led him to work with one of the most gifted and respected musicians today. "Get Schooled" documents the two working closely together on an upcoming performance.

LeBron James -- Viewers learn who LeBron's Marketing Manager is, how she landed this position, and what she does in conjunction with LeBron. Viewers also learn how she took a very unconventional educational route to end up as a key member of the LeBron's team.

Barack Obama -- Obama's Speechwriter explains how education shaped their life, shaped their experiences and provided the opportunity to become a trusted and valued member of the President's inner circle. Viewers will also see the President and the Speechwriter collaborating on ideas for an important upcoming event.

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