Glam God

about Glam God

In a competition show ripped straight from the pages of everyone's favorite gossip magazines, comes Glam God, an 8 episode reality series hosted by film and television superstar, Vivica A Fox. Always a Red Carpet favorite, Vivica is an authority in what's hot in fashion. Fox, with the help of her own Glam God panel will search for the next hot celebrity stylist. She is looking for the person who has what it takes to be a visionary in fashion trends, someone who can raise the bar in Celebrity style...the next Rachel Zoe, Phillip Bloch, or Robert Verdi...a Glam God.

12 Stylists from all over the country will be given the opportunity to become the next Glam God. Some of them are aspiring stylists who have big dreams and even bigger potential, while others have already established themselves in their own small circles. Now it's time to bring it to the world's largest stage - Hollywood. Professional and personal styles are sure to clash as these larger than life personalities are forced to live and work together in this fierce, high-pressured competition. These 12 creative forces will have different visions for what's hot and what's not, but all have their eye on the same prize...becoming a Glam God.

These Celeb-Stylist wannabes will compete head to head in pop culture and red carpet challenges -- all based on the popular gossip magazines. In competitions like "Who Wore It Best" or "Before They Had Stylists" the contestants will be thrown into A-list celebrity style dilemmas, where they will have to rely on their style skills to solve them. Each week, the Stylists' mission will be to create the perfect look from head to toe. The challenges will be layered to test the stylists' ability to oversee an entire look that includes hair, makeup and wardrobe.

With the help of various fashion and beauty industry heavyweights throughout the series, Vivica Fox will put these Stylists to the test and determine the winner. At the end of every episode, the contestants that fall short of creating a hot look will be sent packing.

The one stylist that rises above the rest will be given the ultimate reward ...the opportunity to launch their careers by styling an A-list celebrity and the $100,000 grand prize.