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  1.   Episode 2 Bonus Clips

    Watch these clips to hear more about Jackie Blue, fierce fashion and the sex lives of our competitors!

    Air Date: 8/28/08

  2.   What Were They Thinking? Show Clips

    Watch as our stylists work with an up and coming celebrity to create a fabulous red carpet look!

    Air Date: 9/03/08

Full Episode Summary

The ten remaining stylists get schooled by world renowned fashion commentator MELISSA RIVERS on the do's and don'ts of styling for the Red Carpet. Tensions flare when Indashio accuses Chris of having the worst personal style in the loft. Later, Vivica lays out their next challenge: to style actress Amy Garcia for an upcoming movie premiere. A surprise shopping trip has one stylist strategizing to stay in the competition while another's outrageous personality comes to a head, annoying everyone in the loft. During the style reveal, Amy is shocked by one of the stylists "hooker outfit." Will tonight's elimination be for the worst look, or for the worst behavior?