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  1.   Episode 4 Bonus Clips

    Watch these extras to see more drama, drunkeness and Jackie Blue!

    Air Date: 9/11/08

  2.   Low Life in High Heels Show Clips

    The stylists team up to create a look for a Hollywood "party" girl.

    Air Date: 9/18/08

Full Episode Summary

With eight stylists left, the competition for GLAM GOD is heating up. The contestants learn tricks of the trade from their own personal style guru, Phillip Bloch, who walks them through everything they'll need in case of a fashion 911. Later, they are divided into teams and presented with their toughest challenge yet -- to style a Hollywood "It" girl for a night out on the town. Tempers flare when some of the stylists start the party too soon and drinking becomes an issue. By the end of the night, the fate of two stylists will be determined by a sloppy drag queen named "Jackie Blue."