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  1.   Episode 8 Bonus Clips

    In this week's extras, we see some sides of Indashio we wish we hadn't!!

    Air Date: 10/16/08

  2.   Get Ready for The Season Finale!

    Watch a sneak peek of the season finale as the remaining three glamsters compete for 100,000 dollars!

    Air Date: 10/15/08

  3.   Don't Disrespect the Diva Show Clips

    Our final three stylists battle for title of "Glam God" and 100,000 dollars!

    Air Date: 10/16/08

Full Episode Summary

Just three wanna-be Glam Gods are left as the season finale begins. The stylists meet with Vivica, the panel, and uber agent Timothy Priano. It's the most important job interview of their lives, and one stylist is immediately eliminated. Vivica tells the remaining two stylists about their final challenge - they'll be styling a celebrity for an upcoming spread in US Magazine. But not just any celebrity -- a TRUE Red Carpet Diva. Representation by Timothy Priano, $100,000, and the coveted titled of GLAM GOD is now just one challenge away...