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  1.   Episode 1 Bonus Clips

    Meet both sides of Irv Gotti, the family man at the BBQ and the hit maker at Crackhouse studios.

    Air Date: 10/15/07

  2.   Get a Hit Show Clips

    Head of Murder Inc, Irv Gotti, works to make a comeback in the music industry. Watch the highlights!

    Air Date: 10/15/07

Full Episode Summary

Irv Gotti, platinum selling record producer, is struggling to bring back his label, Murder Inc, from near ruin by finding a hit w/ his #1 artist Ja Rule. At the same time, he is trying to talk his family, wife Deb (who he is separated from) & their 3 kids, to move to a bigger house. Deb doesn't want to move because she does not trust whether Irv will continue to pay the mortgage or even worse leave them for another woman...