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  1.   Episode 3 Bonus Clips

    See the Murder Inc. crew get ready for Grammy night parties, off the hook videos and more.

    Air Date: 10/29/07

  2.   Man Up Show Clips

    Irv and his wife have conflicting ideas on how to teach their son to be a man. Watch the highlights!

    Air Date: 10/29/07

Full Episode Summary

Murder Inc, having dropped Lloyd's album this week, is tracking the numbers closely as they are neck and neck to take the number one position in album sales. Back in New Ro, Irv, Deb & the kids go to Sonny's big football game. He wants them to learn to live their life much in the same way he is dealing w/ his artist Lloyd's album release -- always try your best, always go for # 1, if you don't make it at least you gave it your best.