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  1.   Episode 5 Bonus Clips

    Watch bonus scenes of Irv bowling with his family, chillin' in the studio with Brooke Hogan and more!

    Air Date: 11/12/07

  2.   Get Your Hustle On Show Clips

    Will Irv and Deb ever find happiness? Check out these highlights to see what they say!

    Air Date: 11/12/07

Full Episode Summary

The perks of working in the music business distract Irv as he goes clubbing and hitting on women instead of directing his efforts into finding a single for Ja. These same perks are what destroyed his relationships w/ his wife Deb. Meanwhile, Deb discusses her relationship with her girlfriends, which leads her to confront Irv on their current situation. She thinks relationships take work and compromise, Irv just doesn't think they work at all -- especially for someone working in the music industry.