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  1.   Episode 1 Bonus Clips

    Catch all extra and extended scenes of this week's episode!

    Air Date: 5/04/09

  2.   Season 1 Best Moments

    Relive some of your favorite moments from season 1 of Gotti's Way.

    Air Date: 4/22/09

  3.   Episode 1 Show Clips- Marriage is Murder

    Gotti's back! Catch up on what's been going on between Irv, Deb and the kids!

    Air Date: 5/04/09

Full Episode Summary

It's been eleven months since we last saw the Gotti's -- Irv is still trying to get back to the top with a new hit artist but the music industry is going through an unprecedented slump. Meanwhile, Deb is seeing a therapist to help her reevaluate her ideas about what makes a happy marriage. When Irv's parents come over to celebrate their 52nd anniversary, they are still hoping that Irv and Deb can patch things up and go back to the way things were. Irv thinks his and Deb's relationship is great the way it is. Only Deb thinks that the past and the present both don't work and things have to change for her to be happy.