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  1.   Episode 6 Bonus Clips

    Check out these hysterical bonus clips from Gotti's Way 2!

    Air Date: 6/08/09

  2.   Episode 6 Show Clips- Live on Gayle King

    Deb is frustrated! Check out clips from this week's episode to find out why.

    Air Date: 6/08/09

Full Episode Summary

Deb seems like a confident and capable woman on Gayle King's radio show while Irv and his crew listen to the show at their office. But when Irv tells Deb that one of the single mothers at his office who is struggling to raise her son thought that Deb should realize how good she has it, all the insecurity and feelings of blame that Deb felt when she and Irv broke up come flooding back. Back at Deb's house, Deb's feelings come to a boil when Irv snaps at her for looking at his blackberry; she reminds him that he's a guest in her house, throws his blackberry out the door and kicks him out after it.