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  1.   Episode 8 Bonus Clips

    Take a look at these clips to see Irv spend time with artists and talk about his relationship with Deb!

    Air Date: 6/22/09

  2.   Episode 8 Show Clips- JJ's Birthday Party

    Watch and see how Irv balances his life at home and his life in the studio!

    Air Date: 6/22/09

Full Episode Summary

Tension still hangs between Irv and Deb when he brings the kids back from their weekend away. There's no time to talk about their earlier fight however, Irv has to go to Atlanta to mix a record with Lloyd. Deb tells Irv he'd better make it back in time for JJ's birthday. But when Irv & Lloyd work on a song in the studio, Lloyd begs him to stay and finish the record --Irv tells him when he makes a promise to his kids, he never breaks it. At home, JJ's birthday is underway with Deb secretly praying that Irv shows up for JJ's sake. When the doorbell rings and it's Irv with JJ's birthday rabbit, Deb is happy to see the family back together. After a nice family party, Irv and Deb sit down to finally talk about the fight, the disagreements, everything. Irv is shocked to hear that Deb has forgiven him for his past mistakes, and Irv tells Deb that he appreciates all the work she does in raising the kids. Deb ultimately realizes the situation she is in now with Irv and the kids is what she wants -- she will continue to pursue her goals of independence from Irv but until then she likes to have her family in her life.