1. Date: 6/22/09

    Tension still hangs between Irv and Deb when he brings the kids back from their weekend away. There's no time to talk about their earlier fight however, Irv has to go to Atlanta to mix a...Read Full Summary

  2. Date: 6/15/09

    Deb is still fuming over her fight with Irv the night before. After making a date with her friend Tashera to go boxing (to let off some steam), Deb calls Irv and tells him to come pick up the kids...Read Full Summary

  3. Date: 6/8/09

    Deb seems like a confident and capable woman on Gayle King's radio show while Irv and his crew listen to the show at their office. But when Irv tells Deb that one of the single mothers at his...Read Full Summary

  4. Date: 6/1/09

    Irv and Deb butt heads over Angie's future -- Deb thinks Angie should go to college so that Angie doesn't have to rely on a man to support her, while Irv thinks Angie should figure out...Read Full Summary

  5. Date: 5/25/09

    It's time to put Deb's "new boundaries" plan into action. She tells Irv that this weekend he has to take the boys to his place in the city while she has a girl's weekend...Read Full Summary

  6. Date: 5/18/09

    In therapy Deb realizes that she needs to put boundaries on her and Irv's relationship. She decides that she needs Irv to take the kids to his place in the city instead of hanging around her...Read Full Summary

  7. Date: 5/11/09

    Angie, a sophomore in high school, wants to go to the prom with her boyfriend Isiah (who is a senior), but Deb is freaked out about the idea of Angie getting peer pressured into sex, drugs and...Read Full Summary

  8. Date: 5/4/09

    It's been eleven months since we last saw the Gotti's -- Irv is still trying to get back to the top with a new hit artist but the music industry is going through an unprecedented slump.