Ep Type Title Date
  208  Bonus Clips  Episode 8 Bonus Clips 6/22/09 
  208  Show Clips  Episode 8 Show Clips- JJ's Birthday Party 6/22/09 
  207  Show Clips  Episode 7 Show Clips- Home Alone 6/15/09 
  207  Bonus Clips  Episode 7 Bonus Clips 6/15/09 
  206  Bonus Clips  Episode 6 Bonus Clips 6/08/09 


  1. Date: 6/22/09

    Tension still hangs between Irv and Deb when he brings the kids back from their weekend away. There's no time to talk about their earlier fight however, Irv has to go to Atlanta to mix a...Read Full Summary

  2. Date: 6/15/09

    Deb is still fuming over her fight with Irv the night before. After making a date with her friend Tashera to go boxing (to let off some steam), Deb calls Irv and tells him to come pick up the kids...Read Full Summary

  3. Date: 6/8/09

    Deb seems like a confident and capable woman on Gayle King's radio show while Irv and his crew listen to the show at their office. But when Irv tells Deb that one of the single mothers at his...Read Full Summary


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About Gotti's Way | Season 2

It's a new season for "Gotti's Way" and life goes on for Irv, Deb & the kids. This season is about "breaking the cycle" -- for Deb, that means taking the first steps towards independence and showing her kids that this is not the way a marriage is supposed to be. For Irv, the record industry, and in particular hip-hop, are in dire straits and there's no signs that it's going to change. As a result, Irv is going to shake things up by breaking a new street artist -- "Newz."

Deb ended last season saying she needed to begin taking the necessary steps to give herself a better life. She will begin this by seeing a therapist to better understand her situation and learn what steps are needed to begin the process of change. With a nudge from her therapist, Deb will attempt to gain more freedom by setting boundaries with Irv and making more time for herself. But as she becomes more independent, will she like this new life? Deb will be faced with the hard question -- is this new life what she wants or she happy with her and Irv's non-traditional arrangement? Deb's journey will be all about growth, understanding & greater independence.

Meanwhile on the work front, Irv and Murder Inc are suffering through the tough realities of the record industry with poor sales from Vanessa and the failure to release Ja's new album. As a result, Irv wants to break the cycle the record industry is in, so he has decided to switch Murder Inc's focus. Specifically, Irv has become convinced that hip-hop needs a shot in the arm, something or someone that will inject the industry w/ new blood and a new way of listening to the genre. Irv's focus will shift to his newest artist -- Newz. He's from the streets of Brooklyn and represents the tough urban look and sound Irv feels the industry needs. Irv is going to pull out all the stops to break Newz and contribute to halting the freefall of the industry.

Irv will also continue to work w/ his artist Lloyd, his new signing The Thunderkatz and potential new Murder Inc artist Asia -- winner of "Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For The Next Doll."

Irv's kids, Sonny, JJ, and Angie, continue their trails and tribulations of "growing up." Even though non-traditional, they are still a family: Angie is dating and beginning to look at colleges, Sonny is becoming a talented basketball player, and JJ is still the baby in the family.

This is definitely not the Cosby's or Run's House... and they wouldn't have it any other way.

Its another season of "Gotti's Way" so get ready...