• Adam SennCast Member
    Adam Senn

    Adam Senn stars as Zero

    Zero is the devious Ohio Forward that Oscar bought to help secure the Devils a Championship - and it worked. But not without a cost – Zero came to LA to take over but he got ground up by Jelena and ended up losing everything in a huge scandal.

    However, Jude did gain something in the process – a surprise hook-up with co-conspirator Jude. Jude wanted more, something former foster kid Zero couldn't – or wouldn't – give him. In the Season Two finale, closeted Zero was left with an ultimatum by Jude to either be with him openly or not at all.

  • Brent AntonelloCast Member
    Brent Antonello

    Brent Antonello stars as Jude Kinkade

    Oscar's son, junior agent Jude came to Devils Nation for one thing only – his father's approval but it proved impossible, especially after Oscar learned that Jude was gay. It was news to Jude too, who struggled with his feelings for Zero until he gave into them with a shocking kiss.

    Embracing his sexuality and standing up for himself, Jude abandoned his sexual relationship with Zero after telling him he wanted more from him. Will he hold out for it or will the pull to Zero's bed be too strong?

  • Charlotte RossCast Member
    Charlotte Ross

    Charlotte Ross stars as Olivia Vincent

    Season 1: An original Devil Girl, Olivia wasn't the best dancer, but was crafty enough to seize an opportunity to turn the Devil Girls into a multi-million dollar empire. Today, Olivia serves as Director, both guiding the girls and making sure they perform to her exact standards. Married to a former Devil, it's the one personal relationship that hasn't suffered thanks to her machinations to get to the top. The friendship that suffered the most was the one she had with Sloane, whose return stirred up old feelings -- and old wounds.

  • Dean CainCast Member
    Dean Cain

    Dean Cain stars as Pete Davenport

    Former player turned coach, Pete struggled with alcohol before finally being reunited with the love of his life Sloane. As Ahsha's father, he too has to keep watch over her.

    Pete has a bigger problem now that his ex-wife Lionel is running the team. Guilty for bringing Lionel into Devils Nation, Pete has to find a way to shield his family from the woman he hurt who wants to hurt them back.

  • Don StarkCast Member
    Don Stark

    Don Stark stars as Oscar Kinkade

    Oscar Kinkade is the owner of the Devils. Larger than life, Oscar represents everything treacherous with this world. Greed, misogyny, and the capability of using anyone and anything to get what he wants.

    Oscar was on top of the world until Sloane took him down. As he was carted off to jail, he warned Sloane that she had no idea what she'd done. Oscar is down but never out.

  • Jodi Lyn O'KeefeCast Member
    Jodi Lyn O'Keefe

    Jodi Lyn O'Keefe stars as Lionel Davenport

    Lionel Davenport is Pete's ex-wife, an A-list actress who came to Devils Arena to get Pete back only to get pregnant by him and lose not just the baby but lose Pete to Sloane.

    When Lionel's career flopped, she was left with nothing. Until Jelena gave her a way out – blackmail Oscar for a piece of the team. We left Season Two with Lionel as the new boss, and everyone – most of all Pete and Sloane - worried about what that means for them.

  • Jonathan "Lil J" McDanielCast Member
    Jonathan "Lil J" McDaniel

    Jonathan "Lil J" McDaniel stars as German Vega

    German was the sweet, soulful, and supportive boyfriend of Ahsha when she tried out for the Devil Girls. Their relationship wound up being a casualty in her rise to fame. The former college baller rebounded by getting a job as an Assistant Coach for the Devils. German never stopped loving Ahsha, and when she broke up with Derek, he was the person she ran to for comfort.

    Back together, German and Ahsha's future looks bright. However, in a shocking twist at the end of Season Two, German was revealed to be the killer of Olivia Vincent. What made him do it? And how long can he get away with it hiding in plain sight?

  • Katherine BailessCast Member
    Katherine Bailess

    Katherine Bailess stars as Kyle Hart

    "Sex On Legs" Kyle is a stripper who auditioned for the Devil Girls to get closer to the A-listers with deep pockets in the floor seats. A young woman who unabashedly uses her considerable sexual wiles to get what she wants, Kyle is bright, observant, and funny as hell.

    Kyle started out a lone wolf and shirking attachments, but now she has found herself in a protector role with Ahsha. Ahsha isn't the only one she's found herself a savior for. We left Kyle proposing marriage to undocumented Raquel to get her citizenship. Kyle has to figure out how to balance living in holy matrimony and raising holy hell.

  • Kimberly EliseCast Member
    Kimberly Elise

    Kimberly Elise stars as Sloane Hayes

    Sharp-tongued and strong-willed, Sloane was an original Devil Girl who saw how dangerous and corrupting the world of pro ball could be. A woman of integrity, Sloane left that world behind when she got pregnant with Ahsha.

    Years later, seeing her daughter suffer inside Devils Arena has been an ongoing source of conflict for her. In an effort to protect her daughter, Sloane took the job as director of the Devil Girls and acted as a mole inside the organization to bring Oscar down. In succeeding, she exposed herself to his wrath. Which is coming…

  • Logan BrowningCast Member
    Logan Browning

    Logan Browning stars as Jelena Howard

    The captain of the Devil Girls, Jelena is ambitious, brilliant, and tenacious. She has a complicated past that makes her a ruthless fighter. If you're a friend, she'll do anything for you. If you're not, - look out. Very threatened by the obvious star quality of newcomer Ahsha, Jelena made it a point to take her down by ultimately orchestrating her removal from the team.

    All isn't perfect for Jelena, who watched in horror as her longtime boyfriend, Devils Captain Terrence, broke his leg in the championship game. For the first time, Jelena has to deal with a problem even she can't fix.

  • McKinley FreemanCast Member
    McKinley Freeman

    McKinkley Freeman stars as Derek Roman

    Bad boy Devils star is Derek is a wild card, pure talent, and no focus – until Ahsha showed him who he could be. It led him to becoming MVP of the Devils championship season. However, his hard partying ways cost him Ahsha in the process. On top of the world, he's vowed to get her back at all costs.

  • Robert Christopher RileyCast Member
    Robert Christopher Riley

    Robert Christopher Riley stars as Terrence Wall

    Devil baller Terrence is the Captain of the Devils and, with Jelena, one half of the "It" power couple of Devils Nation. Terrence wanted one thing and one thing only – an elusive title.

    After flirting with danger in his attempt (including taking a banned substance), Terrence finally led the team to the finals – and broke his leg taking them to a dramatic and fateful overtime. Terrence now has to recover – and figure out where he stands in the pecking order with Derek as the new King of L.A.

  • Taylour PaigeCast Member
    Taylour Paige

    Taylour Paige stars as Ahsha Hayes

    A breakout star of the Devil Girls, Ahsha is the daughter of original Devil Girl Sloane, and she's clearly inherited her mother's ability and combined it with something intangible of her own. Despite her mom's disapproval, Ahsha auditioned for the Devil Girls (the dance team supporting the LA Devils basketball team), and has learned firsthand how difficult this world can be. Especially by making an enemy of team captain Jelena.

    Ahsha had a fiery romance with Devils baller Derek, but she's returned to her college boyfriend (and Devils Assistant Coach) German after Jelena orchestrated Ahsha's firing from the team. Now Ahsha has to figure out what to do with her life outside of Devils Arena.

  • Valery OrtizCast Member
    Valery Ortiz

    Valery Ortiz stars as Raquel Saldana

    Raquel is a former Devil Girl who is a drama mama as well as an actual mama to young Miguel. Raquel leads with her heart and would do anything for her son. She rebounded from losing her spot on the team by becoming Manager of The Devils Playground, the members-only hot spot inside the arena.

    We learned that Raquel has been living with a huge secret – she's undocumented which is something that if discovered could cost her her son. Having had her heart broken by scum bag agent Jesse (Miguel's father) and Pete, her greatest test lies in front of her: surviving being Mrs. Kyle Hart.