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  1. Stunning, appealing, stronger than she thinks, with more star quality than she knows, Ahsha is the daughter of former Devil Girls dancer Sloane, and she's clearly inherited her mom's ability and combined it with something intangible of her own....  Read More

  2. Sharp-tongued, strong-willed, once a talented dancer, Sloane was a Devil Girl and is determined that her beloved daughter Ahsha follow a different path--something away from the flash and danger of the world she left behind. Furious when Ahsha blows...  Read More

  3. Walking intimidation, fried by life, with a low tolerance for annoyance, struggling with the aftermath of a painful divorce, Coach Davenport is the brand new coach for the Devils basketball team, and he makes no bones about the fact that he hates...  Read More

  4. The current captain and unequivocal star of the Devil Girls, Jelena is tough, savvy, utterly out for herself, and a bully, bent on intimidating or outright hurting anyone who gets in the way of her position in the limelight. Very threatened by the...  Read More

  5. "Sex on legs," Kyle is a stripper who auditions for the Devil Girls. A young woman who unabashedly uses her considerable sexual wiles to get what she wants, Kyle's bright, observant, not afraid to fight for what she wants--and she literally gets...  Read More

  6. As emotional as a telenovela heroine and twice as drama-plagued, sweet and friendly despite her travails, Raquel is a current Devil Girl whose life is complicated by her 4 year old son, Miguel, and the fact that Miguel's dad, her ex, is a deadbeat...  Read More

  1. One of the ringleader/star basketball players of the L.A. Devils, he's mischievous, handsome, and sexy as hell. He comes in with a few other players to check out the girls auditioning for the Devil Girls and immediately takes a fancy to Ahsha -- who...  Read More

  2. Devil baller Terrence acts like the star player that he is, coming in to watch some of the Devil Girl auditions with his entourage amid considerable fanfare. He and Jelena have a hot and heavy relationship, making them king and queen of this world. ...  Read More

  3. Sweet, soulful, sexy and confident. Ahsha's boyfriend, he knows what he has in Ahsha (and vice versa). A high school gym teacher who once had dreams of a pro-basketball career, until he cracked under pressure when the scouts came. German is...  Read More

  4. Former Ohio Forward that Oscar buys to help secure the Devils a Championship. A star player to rival Derek and Terrence. Sexy, hugely successful and incredibly smart. But there's more to Zero and his well-crafted image than meets the eye.

  5. Oscar Kincade is the owner of the Devils. Larger than life, Oscar represents everything treacherous with this world. Greed, misogyny, and the capability of using anyone and anything to get what he wants. He thoroughly enjoys watching the Devil...  Read More

  6. Pete's estranged wife. An A-list actress working all publicity angles as she prepares to release a big film. Sharp-tongued, ambitious, doesn't get basketball or dancing.

  1. Wants to be the next Oscar. He works at a major sports agency as a junior agent.

  2. An original Devil Girl, Olivia wasn't the best dancer, but was crafty enough to seize an opportunity to turn the Devil Girls into a multi-million dollar empire. Today she serves as Director, both guiding the girls and making sure they perform to...  Read More