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  1.   Home Movies Show Clips

    We gave the Hogan family cameras to film each other. Check out their clips, plus show highlights.

    Air Date: 7/13/05

  2.   Brooke's Date Show Clips

    Wrestler-turned-superdad Terry "Hulk" Hogan grapples with family life in this exclusive Vspot sneak peek.

    Air Date: 6/22/05

Full Episode Summary

At sixteen years old, Brooke Hogan is ready to start dating, but the Hulk is far from it. The Hogan household heats up when a 22-year-old college guy asks Brooke out on her first date! Linda teams up with Brooke to talk Dad into letting her go, but Dad isn't giving up yet, he's tracking them by GPS! See what happens when Hulk takes on his greatest challenge, his daughter's first date.