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  1.   Hogan Knows Best | Episode 302 | Bonus Clips

    Can't get enough Hogan family fun! Check out intimate interview footage and round-table discussions.

    Air Date: 10/29/06

  2.   Hogan Knows Best | Episode 302 | Highlights

    The Hogans go on a birthday cruise but The Hulkster's a land-lubber at heart. Catch the highlights.

    Air Date: 10/29/06

Full Episode Summary

The family wants to celebrate Hulk's 53rd birthday so they decide to take him on a surprise cruise. But Hulk throws a temper tantrum because he hates cruise ships. Everywhere he goes he's followed by hundreds of fans wanting to take his picture or get an autograph. Will Hulk have a happy birthday or will he throw the other passengers overboard?