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  1.   Episode 4 Bonus Clips

    The Hogan family sits down to talk about being on a reality show, the name "Hulk", and more!

    Air Date: 11/12/06

  2.   Koshermania Show Clips

    Check out these highlights from the Hogan's big Kosher kick!

    Air Date: 11/12/06

Full Episode Summary

At their old house in Clearwater, the Hogans had problems with their neighbors. But in Miami Beach, they vow it's going to be different. Linda drags Hulk to meet the neighbors but the Hogans don't know what it means when the neighbors say they keep kosher. When Linda demands to throw a block party barbeque, Hulk and Nick must figure out how to find kosher food before the guests arrive in order to avoid another neighborhood controversy.