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  1.   Hogan Knows Best | Season 3 | Cast Interviews

    Hear which Hogan is best on their feet, which has it the easiest, and what improvements they need to make.

    Air Date: 2/11/07

  2.   Hogan Knows Best | Episode 310 | Highlights

    Knobs pays the Hogan family a long overdue visit! Check out all the craziness here!

    Air Date: 2/11/07

Full Episode Summary

When the Hogans moved out of Clearwater, they left everything behind, including Hulk's buddy, Brian "Nasty Boy" Knobs. So Hulk invites Knobs to the new pad in Miami Beach for a weekend -- without asking Linda. But when this 300-pound loafer strolls around in his underwear, belches, and plays constant pranks, he quickly becomes the family's worst nightmare.