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  1.   Hulk Hogan - Father of the Year

    Check out the heartfelt and hilarious moments that qualify the Hulk for an award!

    Air Date: 3/02/07

  2.   The Canine Mutiny Show Clips

    The Hogans' dogs have gone nuts! Check out the great lengths they'll go to for their pets!

    Air Date: 2/25/07

  3.   Brooke's Hottest Moments

    Check out your favorite sweet and sexy Brooke clips from this season!

    Air Date: 2/02/07

Full Episode Summary

The move to Miami has been tough on the family, but especially for all the Hogan pets. Linda realizes that the dogs are particularly out of sorts, acting strange and tearing at furniture. She turns to a variety of pet therapists and psychics to try and calm the family zoo.