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  1.   Episode 3 Bonus Clips

    Check out these scenes and outtakes from this week's episode where Hulk is madeover!

    Air Date: 8/05/07

  2.   Hulk's Extreme Makeover Show Clips

    Hulk's outdated fashion sense is under attack by the rest of the Hogans. Check out these highlights!

    Air Date: 8/05/07

Full Episode Summary

The family starts to get on Hulk's case about his unfashionable wardrobe -- he won't go anywhere without his fanny pack and parachute pants. Since the Hogans now live in the fashion mecca of Miami, they press Hulk to dress up, and the family goes clothes shopping for stylish South Beach attire. That leads to a spa treatment for Hulk and finally a visit to a hair restoration facility. Will the greatest of all time get turned into a girly-man?