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  1.   Hogan Knows Best | Episode 405| Bonus Clips

    Check out these deleted scenes and extras from Hogan Knows Best!

    Air Date: 8/19/07

  2.   Hogan Knows Best | Episode 405 | Highlights

    When it comes to workouts, it's clear that Hogan Knows Best!

    Air Date: 8/19/07

Full Episode Summary

Linda wants to get back into shape, so she decides to hire a personal trainer. Hulk tries to convince her that he is the best man for the job, but she insists on outside help. But Hulk doesn't warm to Linda's choice, the former Mr. Slovakia, or to the gimmicky fitness classes at the local gym. Hulk challenges Linda that if she really wants to get toned, she has to do it the Hogan way.