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  1.   Hogan Knows Best | Episode 406 | Bonus Clips

    Brooke rants, Nick tells fortunes and Hulk wants to lose his lunch! Check out these extras.

    Air Date: 8/26/07

  2.   Hogan Knows Best | Episode 406 | Highlights

    Hulk isn't happy about Brooke's new "mature" boyfriend and hatches a plan to get rid of him.

    Air Date: 8/26/07

Full Episode Summary

Hulk and Linda discover that Brooke has been keeping them in the dark about her new guy. Brooke didn't want them to find out her new beau is thirty years old and Hulk and Linda are unnerved when they finally meet him. Hulk devises a plan to thwart Brooke's puppy love by inviting one of Brooke's old teenage flings to Miami for a visit. But has Hulk now doubled his boyfriend problems?