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  1.   Hogan Knows Best | Episode 407 | Bonus Clips

    Check out these bonus scenes from the Hogans' vacation to the dude ranch!

    Air Date: 9/02/07

  2.   Hogan Knows Best | Season 4 | Nick Learns About Sex

    Watch these highlights to see Nick learn about the consequences of premarital sex.

    Air Date: 9/16/07

  3.   Hogan Knows Best | Episode 407 | Highlights

    The Hogans head out to the Wild West for an old fashioned family vacation on a ranch! Watch the highlights.

    Air Date: 9/02/07

Full Episode Summary

Nick's flair with the ladies makes his parents realize that they never gave him "the talk." So Hulk sits Nick down for an intimate father-son chat. But when Nick doesn't take his Dad seriously, Hulk decides to show instead of tell. He makes Nick care for a computerized baby doll so Nick can learn one consequence of premarital sex.