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  1. The week of Drea's wedding has arrived and a sudden appearance by Jessica has everyone reeling. Meanwhile, Sheree makes a startling confession to Terrell....  Read Full Summary »


  2. Jessica's absence in Hawaii isn't sitting right with Nicole and Mayte admits her relationship is in trouble....  Read Full Summary »


  3. Nicole wants all the women to join her on a trip to Hawaii, but Drea and Shamicka refuse to go if Jessica is invited....  Read Full Summary »


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    1. Arika Kane  "Make It"

    1. Season 3: Episode 8

    1. John Legend  "You & I"

    1. Season 3: Episode 7

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  1. The Sisterhood is back for a third season of fierce friendships, fabulous times, and more than the usual share of drama!  This go around, Nicole Murphy, Mayte Garcia, Sheree Fletcher, Shamicka Lawrence, Jessica Canseco and Andrea Kelly are joined by newcomer Shanna Moakler -- who promises to shake up the Sisterhood in ways no one could have predicted.

    Since her very bitter and public divorce from musician Travis Barker, Shanna's life has epitomized "work hard and play harder." A former Miss USA titleholder, Shanna is a beauty pageant director and mom of three by day and a party girl by night. Despite their blowout in Vegas last season, Jessica and Mayte have recently bonded as single mothers. Mayte is just starting her journey raising Gia, but since she reconnected with an old flame, she's once again exploring the idea of having a baby! it already too late for her? Drea has been mysteriously out of touch since returning to Chicago, leaving everyone wondering what she's been up to. When she finally returns, the ladies learn that not only does Drea have a new love in her life - she's also got a brand new rock on her finger! But when the women question if she's moving too fast -- Drea threatens to revoke everyone's wedding invitations.

    Meanwhile, Nicole's nuptials have been put on hold now that she and Michael are yet again moving house. But she's got plenty to keep her busy, including serving as a judge for Shanna's Miss Nevada USA pageant. But one person who is not happy about Nicole's new friendship with Shanna is Jessica. When Jessica and Shanna finally come to blows, Shanna shares some disturbing information with the rest of the women that devastates the group and leaves even Nicole questioning her friendship with Jessica.

    This season the ladies are moving on and moving up -- as they find new love, form new friendships, and the bonds of the Sisterhood are tested like never before.

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