1. Corri McFadden, is the founder of eDrop-Off, the nation's premier online luxury consignment destination. Not only is she chic, driven, and always in high-spirits, but she is Chicago's go-to style advisor, wardrobe editor, and image consultant....  Read More

  2. Bridget is one of the first employees hired at eDrop-Off and has flourished as the company has grown. After exploring a variety of majors at multiple colleges, Bridget knew the creativity of the fashion industry was what she most enjoyed most. She...  Read More

  3. Deanna grew up in a small town in Illinois that boasted only one stoplight. Remembering her childhood, she realized she had an early love for fashion as she recalls her black patent leather Mary Janes at age two. Once grown, Deanna soon uprooted...  Read More

  4. Not your average Marketing Manager, Erin handles just about everything outside of the daily flow of business. With her classic minimalist chic style, Erin juggles PR, social media, interns, events and much more. Calm and cool, she faces each day...  Read More

  5. With the help of eDrop-Off and a blogging background, Jena managed to turn her love of shopping into a career. Her obsession with fashion goes beyond Michigan Avenue; she really appreciates all aspects of the fashion world, and even found a new...  Read More

  6. Originally from California, adjusting to the Midwest's small town sensibilities was an adjustment for Nicole. Holding degrees in art, design and creative writing, her experience launched her into working in several industries prior to eDrop-Off...  Read More

  7. Daniel is a Chicago native, raised on the South-Side of the city in a traditionally religious Mexican household, within a predominantly Irish-Catholic neighborhood. He attended the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), where he graduated with a...  Read More

  8. Mallory hails from Santa Claus, Indiana. Yes, you read correctly. With a town of 2,000 people and the closest mall an hour away, she used magazines, T.V., and creativity to keep up on the fashion world. For collge she found her second home: Indiana...  Read More