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  1. When Corri hosts a very personal closet clean out at her very own house the girls of eDrop-Off make some discoveries that they won't let Corri forget....  Read Full Summary »


  2. Corri and her staff face eDropOff''s biggest challenge ever, a massively publicized Charity Warehouse Sale....  Read Full Summary »


  3. Corri and Jena take a trip to LA to begin the first phase of launching the Brand Ambassador program....  Read Full Summary »


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    1. Alex Goose & Jake Troth  "Material Things"

    1. Episode 10

    1. Eryn Woods  "Freeway"

    1. Von Iva  "Where You At"

    1. Von Iva  "Do It"

    1. Child's Play  "Time Bomb"

About House of Consignment

  1. "House of Consignment," is a new 10 episode, half-hour reality series featuring Chicago entrepreneur and fashion maven Corri McFadden who's out to improve the way women shop. Changing the face of the consignment world on a daily basis, Corri and her team of twenty-something fashionistas take in thousands of dollars of luxury brand items from their roster of high-end clients at her sleek, Lincoln Park retail store eDrop-Off. What began as Corri's senior project in fashion design school, has turned her into a young and successful business woman and the owner of a booming multi-million dollar company.

    At the store, fashion items and accessories from the likes of Dolce & Gabbana to Hermes and Chanel are catalogued and photographed for eBay auction. Leave your ready-to-wear at home as eDrop-Off only accepts couture items from the most exclusive designers. With only seven days on the block, items sell for top dollar leaving the consignment client with a pretty penny for the resale and stylish shoppers with exquisite items for less. eDrop-Off takes their commission and everyone wins in the ultimate fashion recycle.

    In addition to following the in-store activities of her successful eDrop-Off storefront, "House of Consignment" trails Corri and her team as they make house calls for their signature "Closet Cleanout" option. This first-of-its-kind service sends eDrop-Off fashion pros directly into the homes and closets of their most exclusive (and wealthy) clients for an on-site fashion "edit." Sifting, sorting and exploring her way through clothes and accessories totaling in the tens-of-thousands, Corri advises her clients on what to keep, what to toss and what they can sell for big bucks on consignment. Part intervention, part fashion lesson and part treasure hunt, "closet cleanouts" offer clients and viewers useful fashion advice while Corri uncovers surprisingly provocative and personal stories behind the clothes. She sees it as the ultimate "fashion therapy" -- and that never goes out of style.

    "House of Consignment" is executive produced by Stephanie Drachkovitch and co-executive produced by Jennifer Colbert for 44 Blue Productions. Executive producers for VH1 are Kristen Kelly, Jill Holmes and Jeff Olde.

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