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I Love The 2000s

Listen up, people! This ain't no Ponzi scheme - it's the real deal! VH1 is back to celebrate the decade that kicked off the 21st century with I Love The 2000s.

As entertaining as Jersey Shore, as sexy as Paris Hilton through night vision goggles, and almost as long as all the Harry Potter movies combined, VH1's: I Love The 2000s is more fun than a game of Grand Theft Auto.

VH1 is bringing back its wildly popular and hilarious I Love The 80s style for the I Love The 2000s series because, well, we can!

Viewers will get a major dose of the essential music, movies, TV shows, products, fashions, fads, trends, scandals and major events that defined pop culture in the '00s. From Angry Birds to Snakes On A Plane, "Poker Face" to Facebook, from hipsters to Twihards, we will revisit it all from the inspirational to the preposterous and everything else in between.

Helping us remember all the great moments will be an eclectic group of comics, rock stars, actors, and other celebs from the present and not too distant past who will reflect on the '00s experience. They'll address all the major questions of the decade: How did Sully land that plane in the Hudson? When did everyone start caring so much about poker? Are you a Mac or a PC? And most important of all: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?!?1

Viewers will revel taking a trip down memory lane to the simpler times of Avatar, Alias, and of course, Bennifer! We're not just talking music, TV, and movies either. We mean everything: toys, scandals, fashion, cars, and anything else that helped make the '00s the best decade yet. Will it be great? Well, in the words of the lady who put Wasilla, Alaska on the map, "You betcha!"

Among the highlights:

- The Osbournes become America's favorite f**%ing dysfunctional family

- George W. Bush gives us 8 years of comedy gold

- Balloon Boy pulls off the hoax of the decade. We believed in you!

- Gnarls Barkley makes us "Crazy"

- Demi robs the cradle (Cue cougar growl sound effect!)

- Jessica Simpson's brain nearly explodes trying to figure out where buffalo wings come from

- Precious star Gabby Sidibe becomes the biggest thing in to speak

- Learn why you just HAD to watch The Wire

- Bear Grylls eats some really weird sh*t!

- Desperate Housewives make the suburbs sexy

- Getting gay with the boys from Queer Eye For The Straight Guy

So put down your copy of "Eat, Pray, Love", pour yourself into your skinny jeans, throw on some Axe Body Spray, and enjoy I Love The 2000s!